Icon Singapore March 2016

3 Socialites (Lynn Yeow-De Vito, Rany Moran and Nana Au) share parenting tips and their secrets to work-life balance

In a child's world, the mother is a big tree that shelters the wind and rain. As the child's first enlightenment teacher, the mother plays a pivotal role. The three hot moms and celebrities also take care of the family while working hard for their careers. After returning home from get off work, they will be a gentle and inviting mother. And follow Yu Wanyu and Joe Ng to listen to their sharing of parent-child relationship and parenting experience.

In the workplace, she is an excellent strong woman, taking care of multiple careers such as hotel, entertainment, and charity by herself. At home, she is a good mother with good faith and seduction. Rany Moran, who has two sons, has a parenting experience. "I think children of every age group have different ways of education. For my eight-year-old son, my responsibility is to be a good example; for a six-year-old son, my responsibility is like a teacher. Teach him more about treating people and things." Although Rany has a harmonious relationship with her children, she always remembers that rewards and punishments are clear. In addition to raising the mother's shelf in a timely manner, she also needs to know how to reward her children. "Children are always children. At this stage, they deserve to enjoy a carefree childhood. Too much pressure will only be self-defeating, so parents need to know how to balance them."

A family of four are all music lovers. The eldest son plays the guitar and the younger son plays the piano. The feelings of the family are rapidly heating up under the immersion of music. "In my spare time, my children will practice musical instruments while I hum, and sometimes dance with my husband to the music. This quality time is the best way to promote parent-child relationships." said Rany, who is an open communication parent. , Children do not need to keep a respectful attitude towards their parents at all times. Instead, they should be straightforward and adopt benign communication. "Parents and children are a haven for them in addition to nurturing, so I will encourage children to talk to us and ask questions so that we can achieve a state of zero estrangement."