Kompas September 2012

“Dream as high as you can and don't give up. Life must have gereget. I call it a 'hunger', hungry for the target. That's important,” said Rany Moran, 32, for her children.

Rany is in her comfortable home on Jalan Brawijaya, South Jakarta. She has been living in Singapore since 2005 following her husband, Colin Moran.

High heels, ten centimeters high, were immediately placed on the end of the carpet. Rany sat and talked. Her gaze fixed on the other person was only diverted when his two children, Nicholas (5) and Christopher (2.5), ran down from the second floor.

Nicholas and Christopher immediately clung to their mother's slender body. The children's chatter disappeared after the nanny took them away to register for a month's class studying math and science at Darmawangsa Square.

Even though she lives in Singapore and is married to a British citizen, Rany is determined to uphold Indonesian cultural values ​​in his family. “Indonesian and Western culture must be able to go hand in hand. Practical Indonesian culture and functional Western culture. It doesn't mean that Indonesian culture is fading," said Rany.

The middle way to bring the two cultures together is what Rany also wants to present through the Amazonia playground which will soon be established in Jakarta. Starting from the desire to present a premium play area for her children, Rany had already built Amazonia which turned out to be of interest to children in Singapore.

In Amazonia, Rany not only incorporates Western-style games, but also elevates Indonesian traditions. Among other things, she presented Balinese and Javanese dance classes. Children's fairy tales such as Bawang Merah and Bawang Putih will also be used as material in ballet or drama classes.

“Living abroad actually opens your eyes wide to appreciate Indonesian cultural values. When in Jakarta, because it is too close to our eyes, we cannot appreciate it. Why don't we explore cultural richness? Westerners really admire our culture,” said Rany.

The Amazonia family business for Rany became the starting point for starting a new business that was completely separated from the family business that she had been doing in television and property.

Through playgrounds that will also be opened in India and Malaysia, Rany still has quality time with her children. Rany arranges her work schedule to suit the children's activities. While leading the meeting, Rany kept an eye on her children completing their schoolwork. "My child is dragged everywhere. I've never traveled without children," she added.

Children are the number one priority for Rany. She would only work on paperwork after the children had fallen asleep at night. Often Rany went to bed after the early hours of the morning and had to get up early. After dropping Nicholas off, Rany had to wait for Christopher for two hours in preschool.

Rany started living in Singapore since getting married in 2005. She follows her husband, Colin Moran, who leads a mining and logistics company with a business coverage of the Asian region. Living in Singapore is a realistic choice because of its strategic location for traveling to any country in Asia.

Once a month, Rany and Colin spend free time staying at a hotel for a night without children. Every now and then they would go to the symphony orchestra or take a walk in the Botanical Garden. “Kids take up a lot of time and sometimes forget to spend time together,” says Rany.

Missing Jakarta When sitting alone with her husband, Rany often dreams of expanding her business to Jakarta. Despite the traffic jams with high stress levels, Rany admits that he always misses Jakarta. Rany, who is of Javanese-Padang blood, was born and grew up in Jakarta.

Since childhood, her parents instilled in her never to give up. Every year since she was in the sixth grade of elementary school, she has been sent to live abroad. In cultural exchanges, she usually dances in Balinese. Her father who runs a trading and mining business always invites little Rany to learn to communicate with her father's business partners. Her confidence was then awakened. "The impact is felt. Bring it up big when it comes to doing business,” she added.

Apart from the friendliness of the people, Rany misses street food in Jakarta the most. Her main favorite foods are rendang and meatballs. However, on the way from the airport to the house, Rany will definitely ask her driver to buy fried bananas and fried tofu. She even asked what flour the seller used to make it taste really good.

If you want to eat liwet rice, Rany just cross the road from her house to Darmawangsa Hotel. Every day in Singapore, her family also always eats Indonesian food, such as rawon, opor, to the dry and spicy dendeng balado. "Ouch duh, delicious," said Rany.

The stealth model Born as the middle child of three siblings, Rany grew up to be a rebellious teenager who was hungry for attention. Although her parents forbade her, she secretly plunged into the world of modeling. One time, her father caught Rany's modeling hobby when her picture was displayed on the front cover of a magazine. “Dad came home from work and immediately asked, why didn't you tell me about this? My parents were the most dizzy with me when I was in high school,” said Rany laughing.

For Rany, experience as a model becomes an important provision after she owns the Palmorano Asia fashion label in Singapore. When she saw a model rehearsing at a fashion show she made herself, she could empathize. Being a professional model turns out to be tiring and requires high discipline.

According to Rany, the photo is the same as acting. "I have never regretted the experience of being a model," added the fair-skinned woman who is 169 centimeters tall. Until now, Rany is still active with model photo activities. In 2009, she was named Indonesia Tatler Most Stylish. When she moved to Singapore, she was declared the Singapore Tatler Leadership of Style 2011.

In the midst of her busy business management, Rany always took the time to take care of herself. Dressing up does not have to go to the salon. She often curls her hair while bathing the child. Don't be surprised if you find Rany holding a child while holding a stroller with high heels in a shopping center.

“Take care of yourself is important for self-confidence. First impressions are very important in a business. How to reflect yourself. Must be kept in balance. If you take care of children and work continuously, you will be stressed too. There must be time to meet friends and socialize,” said Rany.

If there is a dream in life that has not been achieved, Rany regrets not having had the chance to taste the experience as a singer. Since high school, her hobby is singing jazz and slow rhythmic songs. Her dream of becoming a singer ran aground after her father banned her from succeeding in school and business. Her soft voice talent was then channeled by singing every time there was a family gathering. “The most difficult song to sing is dangdut. The bend is hard. It was the first time my husband said, 'That's crazy, your voice oh my god. It doesn't connect," said Rany quoting her husband's statement.

His children became the main audience of Rany's melodious voice. Christopher was about to fall asleep when Rany sang a lullaby.