Relauncher Podcast April 2021

Rany Moran On Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneur, certified life coach, trained counsellor, motivational speaker, corporate strategist & parenting expert, Rany Moran joins us in this Mindfulbiz Podcast episode.

Over the past decade, after successfully climbing the corporate ladder of the family business, Rany dedicated herself to entrepreneurship; building fully-integrated lifestyle entertainment centres for the entire family across Asia, (founder & chief executive of Amazonia in Singapore, Wowzonia in Jakarta), and F&B outlets in Bali.

Most recently Rany has launched her Coaching Business under her personal Brand, Rany Moran.

Originally from Jakarta Indonesia, Rany currently resides in Sydney Australia and is finalising her degree in Counselling & Psychological Science. She holds a multi-faceted tertiary education background in economics, business management and mass communication.

Rany is a facilitator and speaker certified by The Virtues Project, a global grassroots initiative honoured by the United Nations as a “model global program for all cultures”.

An active philanthropist and women’s rights advocate - Rany is both the co-founder of LOAF, a charity supporting children’s healthcare and education in Indonesia and Cambodia, and co-host of the Finding Peace in Parenting podcast.