The Asian Parent

Ask the Expert: Dealing with and preventing racism

“Eww dirty”, “Chinese have slanted eyes” - Heard of these stereotypical statements/remarks about your race at least once?

We all have heard stories about people being bullied, discriminated or attacked, due to their race. Imagine your child is the one in that situation, how would you feel? 🤔 As parents, you are your child’s role model and you have the ability to change their mindset 🧠

To better understand this topic, we have invited Rany Moran - Certified life coach, trained counsellor and parenting expert to answer your questions on dealing and preventing racism amongst children 🧒🏻👧🏽

We all have to start somewhere, so why not use our platform to learn more about it? Start commenting your questions before our session to be aware of what’s currently happening 🤓