Rany has a proven track record of founding and leading businesses in the competitive industries of lifestyle, family entertainment and F&B in Asia. She has had to climb the corporate ladder of a family business before launching her own successful ventures. 


Rany also sits on a board of directors for commercial, residential and retail properties in Singapore, Indonesia and Australia. Rany brings to the table a wealth of business experience as both a boss, employee and advisor with a global, multicultural point of view. 


From 1:1 and group career coaching programmes, to corporate workshops and keynote seminars, Rany is able to cover a host of company culture and professional development topics including: 

  • Effective communication and conflict resolution 

  • How to prepare for retirement 

  • Succession vs Legacy

  • The rise and fall of Family Empire

  • Intergenerational wealth and Issues

  • Mental Health Support for Employees / Professionals

  • Emotional Labour and Burn Out

  • Compassion Fatigue

  • Career path mapping and goal setting

  • Productive, Successful and Sustainable workforce

  • How to grow and empower a successful workforce

  • Corporate Sustainability

  • Work Effectively in Diversity 

  • Effective Workplace Relationship

  • Customer service and Customer Complaints

  • Business Resource

  • Personal Work priorities and Development

  • Gender / Racial Identities with Equal Opportunity at workplace

  • The power of Language

  • Setting up your own business

  • Performance Indicators

  • Office Politics and Bullying 

  • Consent and Limit of Confidentiality

  • Crowd Funding

“Mahatma Gandhi once said, ‘Our thoughts generate words, words generate action, action generate habits. Habits generate character and character breeds destiny’. So in this life full of unpredictability and uncertainty, we must be fully equipped with the strategies and skills to self care, self manage, self regulate and self empower.”


Business mastery sessions can be done1:1, in groups and in the form of workshops and keynote seminars; all with a suite of work-related topics related to your or your company’s specific needs. These can vary in length and can be via Zoom or in-person eventually. Attendees will be provided with worksheets during and after these sessions.